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BEHIND THE SCENES: What keeps a couple together for 70 years?

Village Media journalist Tyler Evans talks about what he learned from an inspiring couple who just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary

Barbara and Doug Crooks recently celebrated an amazing anniversary: 70 years of marriage.

OrilliaMatters reporter Tyler Evans wrote a heartwarming story about the couple, who have four children, 13 grandchildren — and 33 great-grandchildren.

“If you are going to have a fight, get it over with and carry on,” Doug said, when asked to share his secret to a long marriage. “You also need to tell each other once in a while that you love them. It’s something I didn’t do very often, but I should have.”

Said Barbara: "You are bound to hurt each other once in a while with what you might say. Sometimes you have to forgive each other immediately, you can’t be holding any grudges.”

Evans joins Village Media's "Behind the Scenes" to talk about the inspiring couple.