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11-year-old with a heart of gold is CambridgeToday’s first-ever Random Acts of Kindness recipient

Grade six student Kenzie Norman is always doing random acts of kindness for others
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CambridgeToday surprises Kenzie Norman with some new camping gear.

At only 11-years-old, Kenzie Norman has already done so much to lift spirits and spread positivity here in Cambridge.

You may have seen her colourful, crochet worry worms around town. Since starting the project back in March, Kenzie and her mom, Samantha Stewart, have made over 400 worry worms and hidden them with sweet, handwritten words of encouragement for people to find in an effort to brighten their spirits.

“My mom and I were looking for small, crochet projects on Pinterest when we found the worry monsters, so we decided to try it out,” Kenzie said. “We thought it was really cute so we started hiding them around town. People started finding them and it made them really happy and excited.”

Since she has committed so much time and energy to sharing random acts of kindness to cheer up others, we thought we should pay it forward by surprising Kenzie with something special just for her.

“She is always giving back to the community. She is always looking to give,” said her mom. “Whether it’s paying it forward at the drive-thru or buying meals for people in need. I wish I could share her with the whole world. Her middle name is Grace and I call her my Saving Grace.”

Kenzie was thrilled when our team showed up to let her know how appreciated she is in our community.

“It feels pretty good to be recognized,” Kenzie said. “I wasn’t doing this project for the recognition, but it is nice that people see it and appreciate it.”

If you know someone deserving of a Random Act of Kindness, our nomination form is always open for new submissions.

If you would like to support our Random Acts of Kindness program, please email