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Chicken Kitchen brings GTA flavours to Cambridge

'I have been to many fast food restaurants and I can't find a taste like what we have, the taste is really different'

From savoury to sweet, a new fried chicken restaurant is attracting Cambridge taste buds.

Chicken Kitchen Cambridge opened earlier in June and is halal certified. There are other Chicken Kitchen franchises located in Toronto and the GTA.

Found on Franklin Boulevard, Chicken Kitchen Cambridge has been a central location for attracting hungry patrons since opening two weeks ago.

“As long as you have good food and good service, people will come from anywhere,” said Aslam Dudha, the franchise owner of Chicken Kitchen Cambridge. "Lots of different community members have come and tasted our food and they like it."

With a background in real estate, Dudha said he operates the restaurant with the help of his sister and a friend. He chose the franchise Chicken Kitchen the way the food tastes.

“I have been to many fast food restaurants and I can't find a taste like what we have, the taste is really different,” said Dudha. “I’ve received many comments from our Google page, it’s not too greasy compared to other places, it's not too much oil, not too much salt. It's the perfect taste for everyone, not too much spice."

Dudha said the most popular menu items have been the chicken burger and chicken pieces, which he would also recommend first time visitors try. Besides fried chicken, the restaurant also serves poutine, burgers and more. To see a full menu, go to

Cambridge is also the only Chicken Kitchen franchise offering 12 types of desserts, including cheesecakes, flavoured mousses and tres leches cake. Desserts can come in individual servings or one big portion to feed a family. Dudha came up with the idea, and said not many fast food restaurants have desserts like this to offer.

“We thought it would be a different thing,” said Dudha. “We have a dance class in the neighbourhood and they all come and eat the Oreo desserts.”

That’s not the only sweet treat Chicken Kitchen Cambridge plans on serving. Dudha notes seven flavours of milkshakes will be added to the menu later on. The only thing Chicken Kitchen Cambridge doesn’t offer right now is delivery, but it is looking for a delivery driver. 

Being a new franchise owner, Dudha said he was nervous about how the public would respond to the business while in construction, but that all changed once the restaurant opened.

“We had a grand opening and there was a great response,” said Dudha. “Now, I feel more confident and I want to move forward into Kitchener and Waterloo.”

In the meantime, residents can visit Chicken Kitchen Cambridge at 800 Franklin Blvd. It is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The restaurant can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.