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LETTER: Open letter sent to Cambridge council about the proposed Blair warehouse development

Cambridge council’s failure to consult residents on site plan will have consequences, group says
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CambridgeToday received the following summary of an open letter from The Wellington Water Watchers detailing the opposition to the proposed warehouse distribution site in Cambridge. The letter was sent by Concerned Citizens of Blair to Cambridge council: 

Environmental lawyer David Donnelly sent a letter last week to Mayor McGarry on behalf of Cambridge residents, stating, “While it is highly unlikely the residents of Blair and Cambridge will ever know exactly how or why Council gifted one out-of-town developer an MZO, Cambridge council has a continuing obligation to consult residents prior to approving a site plan.”

The letter describes five measures that must be implemented to mitigate the impact of the warehouse distribution centre on the community. Changes required to the site plan must include:

  • Relocate the main truck access to Fountain St;
  • Create a landscape feature along Dickie Settlement Road that will soften the transition from residential to commercial land use;
  • Create an enforceable protocol for maintenance of the stormwater management devices that are intended to replace natural infiltration;
  • Implement and enforce traffic control measures for all traffic in Blair; and
  • Install noise and light mitigation measures

Cambridge residents “do not accept or condone Cambridge Council’s request for the Minister’s Zoning order (MZO) recently approved by the Ford government,” said Alan Van Norman on behalf of Blair Engaged. “Blair Engaged will not accept Council imposing a Site Plan without consultation with the community.” 

“Cambridge Council also failed to ensure notice was provided to First Nations prior to the City issuing its request for a Minister’s Zoning Order,” added resident Tim Armstrong. “This is a significant oversight when proposing a 2.2 million square foot facility in the middle of the Haldimand Tract, the source of on-going litigation.”

Blair Engaged continues to advocate to protect the community and the environment from impacts from the proposed warehouse distribution centre; and to demand democratic participation in local planning decisions.