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Answers into Old Marina fire expected next week

Investigators waiting for equipment to clear debris
The Old Marina Restaurant is reduced to ash after a devastating fire

It has been nearly a week since a fire burned down the Old Marina Restaurant in Puslinch. Tom Mulvey is the fire chief in Puslinch, and spoke with investigators today regarding the cause of the fire.

"Right now the investigation is at a standstill," Mulvey said. "We're awaiting some equipment that's going to come in, and remove some more debris from where we believe the area of origin for the fire is."

Mulvey is confident that the fire originated in the basement of the restaurant, and expects that debris will begin to be removed on Monday. This will allow investigators to try and determine the cause of the fire early next week.

While the investigation is ongoing, clean up will be able to take place as well.

"As they start to pull the debris out, we'll have a look at what's there, and then it will be taken away," said Mulvey. "That will be part of the clean up, it will be happening simultaneously."

Mulvey confirmed that the fire caused an estimated $2 million in damage. A fire had previously taken place at the site of the restaurant in 2005 as well. 

The cause of the fire is not believed to be suspicious, and Mulvey does not want to jump to conclusions on what might have happened.

"We want to take a look at what happened in there," Mulvey said. "And, as soon as we can come up with a cause, or we find out we cannot determine what the cause was, then I will make an official comment at that time."