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Cambridge ION expansion talks coming to Galt Country Club

The region will be coming to town to talk LRT and ION expansion in the city in an upcoming 'breakfast conversation' at the Galt Country Club
The ION makes a stop at Grand River Hospital on King Street in Kitchener.

The region is coming to town to talk about Stage 2 of the ION light rail transit line through Cambridge and what this would mean for businesses in the community. 

In partnership with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, Region of Waterloo chair, Karen Redman, will be hosting a information session and conversation about the future of Cambridge's ION system at the Galt Country Club on Oct. 3. 

The presentation will include other projects and issues within the region that will affect the future of Cambridge businesses and residents.

"Chair Karen Redman has been leading the Region of Waterloo for the last 4+ years during one its most challenging times," says the Chamber's website. "We invite you to join us as she provides an update on the ION expansion and GO service connection to Cambridge, and other projects and issues within the region that will affect the future of Cambridge businesses and residents."


The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce will be hosting this breakfast conversation with the region to inform local business owners in the city on how this will change the landscape of the market and will offer insight to any concerns they may have. 

There has been controversy and confusion about the future of the LRT and ION transportation in the city over the past few years. 

According to a report presented to regional council in April, the expansion into Cambridge will cost around $4.5 billion; something Redman thinks will only get more expensive the longer they wait to build. 

In May the region voted in favour of moving forward in creating a business case for the expansion.

"We have seen the costs of that delay," Redman said in a previous emailed statement to CambridgeToday. "It is time to stop procrastinating and build the rest of the LRT."

Cambridge business owners and residents can attend the meeting at a non-member rate. 

Those interested in singing up for the event can find more information on the chamber's website