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MVM Indoor Golf providing state-of-the-art experience in Cambridge

Playing a round of golf no longer requires adequate outdoor conditions

Golfers in the city will no longer have to wait for the weather to turn warm to work on their game.

MVM Indoor Golf is a new facility on Langs Drive that opened in mid-October. Sean Mathers, one of the businesses owners, saw a need in Cambridge given the game’s continual growth in popularity.

“Golf has had the best resurgence it’s had in years,” Mathers said.

“At the beginning of the pandemic golf was the first and only sport that was allowed. As far as indoor golf, we’re the first ones in Cambridge to do it. We offer three different playing areas.”

One of the aspects of the facility that makes MVM Indoor Golf stand out from others in nearby cities is their use of Trackman data. Trackman uses optically enhanced radar tracking that gives users all the analytics of their swing and ball striking to provide the most accurate experience.

“Trackman is the quintessential simulator,” Mathers said.

“It’s the best simulator money can buy. It’s trusted by PGA tour pros like Rory McElroy and Tiger Woods. It’s going to give you every data point you can possibly imagine from ball speed and ball path to club head speed.”

The Trackman system offers over 200 real courses for players to try, all of which are 3D mapped to ensure they're as authentic as possible. Having the ability to play some of the top courses without having to leave the city is something unique, Mathers says.

Players looking to improve their game can also come into the facility and book time with Mark von Kalckreuth, a PGA Canada pro.

“Mark is our in-house pro,” Mathers said.

“He can go back and look at the players practice data through the Trackman system and let you know what you need to focus on and how to do it.”

While the facility features some of the top technology available, Mathers reiterates that the indoor golf experience is open to anyone. Whether you’re a serious golfer who’s looking to improve their game, or someone looking for a day out with their friends, they offer it all.

“The serious golfer knows what a Trackman is,” Mathers said.

“The casual golfer can also come in and play. It’s something to do, they can come in and shoot the ball around for a couple hours. We totally welcome that.”

No matter the kind of experience you’re looking for, Mathers is excited to be able to share his passion for the game with residents in the city and offer a new experience.

“People really got what I call the ‘golf-bug’ over the past couple of years, it almost becomes an obsession,” he said.

“You’ve seen it with people who have struggled to even get tee times in the summer. Now people have the chance to keep on top of their game all year long and not be bound by the elements.”

For more information and to book a tee time visit