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Neuron pushes Helmet Safety Awareness Week in Cambridge

Helmets can reduce the risk of severe injury on an e-scooter by up to 70 per cent, study shows
Neuron e-scooters on Water Street in downtown Galt

Neuron Mobility, which rolled out 500 e-scooters and 500 e-bikes in the region earlier this year, is preaching safety as residents ride its vehicles around the city.

In partnership with the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, the company has launched its third annual Helmet Safety Awareness Week beginning Sept. 18 to educate and encourage riders to use its safety equipment.

As part of the week, Neuron and TIRF unveiled their top five reasons to wear a helmet, which includes enhancing personal safety, legal compliance, increased visibility for all, leading by example and protection from the weather.

A Science Daily study showed 28 per cent of all e-scooter injuries occur to the neck or head and according to Neuron and TIRF, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of sustaining a severe injury by 70 per cent.

“Helmets are the single most important way for riders to protect themselves,” Ankush Karwal, general manager Neuron Mobility Canada said in a press release.

“Safety never goes out of style and we strongly advise people to wear them when riding a Neuron vehicle.”

Neuron's push for safety comes as the Waterloo Regional Police Service have been voicing the same message of late.

Between Jan. 1 and Aug. 28, one e-scooter driver and one e-bike driver have been charged with impaired driving by the WRPS, including a Kitchener woman who lost control of her scooter and struck a traffic barrier pole on Aug 19.

Also last month, a 52-year-old Guelph man was found at the side of Victoria Road South with life-threatening head injuries. While the details around what happened aren't clear, he was found next to an e-scooter.

While none of these incidents were confirmed to have happened on a Neuron e-scooter, it emphasizes the need for safety measures.

On top of promoting the use of helmets, Neuron offers a $.50 credit for riders who take a selfie wearing one when opening the app to unlock a scooter.

The company also has a series of safety videos on their website.