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Entering the new season with caution

As we’re all trying to make the most of the remaining summer months, the fall is slowly creeping in with all sorts of new challenges for everyone.

As we’re all trying to make the most of the remaining summer months, the fall is slowly creeping in with all sorts of new challenges for everyone. The past few months have had a generally positive atmosphere as business reopened after a turbulent year of restrictions, as well as vaccination drives in full swing providing us with ease from anxieties and giving more hope about going back to doing the things we love and returning to normality. Simple activities we may have taken for granted are beginning to return to our grasp over the previous few months and it feels amazing. However, the recent Delta variant has re-inserted some cautiousness as to our movements for the upcoming season. Therefore, we must ensure that along with getting vaccinated, we and local businesses are finding ways to adapt to such a fast-changing pandemic. 

Apart from abiding by the ever-changing procedures and adapting to the changing environment caused by the health crisis, one of the main things we can do this autumn is to truly invest in our self care and wellbeing routines. This is to minimise any potential stress or anxiety that may arise from the threat of another lockdown due to the Delta variant. By putting all aspects of our health first, we can ensure that we can take on any challenges posed in the upcoming season. Not only are we looking after ourselves, but businesses are also taking priority in finding ways to stay in business and overcome any possible lockdowns by practising new procedures to keep everyone safe from Covid, as well as, make the new normal feel more customary. 

Cambridge dental offices for example have new guidelines to protect patients and all members of staff from any possible outbreaks that may result in clinic closure. Along with the new regulations and guidelines, dentists are also ensuring existing customers get their check-ups after the long break as oral health can have a big impact on overall health. New customers are also highly encouraged to seek dental care to minimise any potential problems that may arise in the new season. One thing that has been incredibly valuable and appealing to new customers is the use of paediatric sedation for children or young family members who may have anxiety about going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry has become increasingly popular and thankfully provides anxiety relief when it comes to dental procedures as well as making dental visits much more welcoming. Also, simple things like longer opening hours or appointments available on the weekends can make a huge difference to reducing stress and ensuring your health and wellbeing are looked after. 

Whatever the upcoming fall season has in store, we must take all precautions and ensure we look after ourselves the best way we can. Whether it be simply getting a vaccine, going to the dentist or getting as much time outside as the day allows, makes all the difference. Then we can be sure to confidently take on the new season and any challenges we may have to face.