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Flyer taking aim at WRDSB elicits strong reaction in Cambridge

Says public school board prioritizes activism over academics
Waterloo Region District School Board
CityNews file photo

A flyer criticizing the WRDSB saying it has emphasized activism over academics and has prioritized Critical Race Theory and Radical Gender Ideology has been circulating in Cambridge. 

Jayne Herring, a school board trustee who is running for re-election, found out about the flyer from an upset parent. 

"I think my first initial reaction was surprise," Herring said. "It's critical for voters to have accurate information, so I found it very disappointing to see this false information circulating."

However, Mike Ramsay, another school board trustee who is also running for re-election, wrote on social media that whoever distributed the flyers should be commended. 

The note also lists candidates that it is advising individuals to vote for. Herring said she plans to reach out to the city clerk to confirm if distributing flyers anonymously with candidates names on it is allowed. 

"My understanding is this would be an illegal third party advertiser," she said. "My understanding of the rule is something like this has to have the person who is responsible for it, so whoever is initiating it."

Herring urged voters to seek out factual information about the school board before voting. 

"It is very important for voters to have the correct information," said Herring. "I would encourage people to educate themselves, to seek out information from trusted resources, that would not be a flyer that ends up on your doorstep."