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MEET THE CANDIDATES: Carla Johnson, WRDSB trustee

Waterloo Region District School Board trustee candidate says she wants to ensure teachers are listened to and supported in their roles
Waterloo Region District School Board trustee candidate Carla Johnson.

Carla Johnson

Why are you running for school board trustee?

It would be my honour and joy to serve the community as Trustee for the WRDSB. In my 29 years as “Ms. J.” middle school teacher for the WRDSB, I have first-hand seen what works and does not work for our students. There are a myriad of wonderful things happening in each of our schools that we can all support and celebrate.
What do you think the role of a school board trustee is, and what attributes do you have to offer?

The WRDSB has not had a trustee with teaching experience in over five years. It is time. My passion for education and the learning process runs deep in my soul. Student needs were the heart of my career and will continue to be the heart of what will guide me as a Trustee.
As you look at education in the years ahead, what do you think are the most important issues?

There are three issues that are key for me.

1. Advocate for special needs and at-risk students. I have a spot in my heart for gifted learners. Giftedness is not always a gift.
2. Bolstering WRDSB’s Equity and Inclusion initiatives.
3. Ensuring teachers are listened to and supported in their roles. Empowered teachers empower students.
There were many in the community who had witnessed difficult relations within WRDSB this past year. What will you do differently to help heal and move forward?

We are in challenging times. The tensions and divisions we are seeing across our country are also impacting our school systems. I want to listen and learn from the front lines, not from social media. To do that, in my first 100 days as a trustee, I plan to do the following:

1. Visit every WRDSB school in Cambridge, walk the halls and chat with both staff and students.
2. Visit the Education Centre and refamiliarize myself with each department and the work that goes on behind the scenes.
3. Participate in the great training opportunities provided for trustees.