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MEET THE CANDIDATES: David Guerin, WCDSB trustee

Waterloo Catholic District School Board candidate hopes to incorporate financial literacy, life skills, physical fitness, and mental health strategies into our children's education
David Guerin is a candidate for trustee representing Cambridge on the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

David Guerin

Age: 52 

Why are you running for school board trustee? 
Three key reasons why I am running:
1) I am passionate about the power of education and the impact it has on our future generations. Nothing is more important than setting up today's children for future success. I hope to play a small part in improving the outcomes for WCDSB students.

2) I believe in the Catholic education system. I am a graduate of it myself and it helped shape the person I am today. As well, I was raised by two teachers in the Catholic system and my wife and I have two children who both graduated from WCDSB schools. I was pleased to be a part of the St. Benedict Parent Council during my children's time there.

3) I am excited for the opportunity to continue to give back to the community. I have been an active volunteer with several local charities and organizations, including my time as Board Chair for the Fiddlesticks Community Centre, and look forward to this next challenge.

What do you think the role of a school board trustee is, and what attributes do you have to offer?

The role of a school board trustee is to help provide strategic direction for the WCDSB and make decisions on big picture issues for the Board. The role of the trustees in day-to-day operations of the Board should be rather limited. I believe that I bring my experience as both a parent and as the owner of a successful small business, along with my previous board experience, and an enthusiastic commitment to helping improve academic outcomes for our students.

As you look at education in the years ahead, what do you think are the most important issues? 

Continuing to help our students catch up academically and socially after the past 2+ years of living through the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly the most pressing issue. The threat of further disruption to our children's school experiences (including extracurricular activities) caused by labour disputes is something that I sincerely hope we can avoid.

Overall, I believe we need to focus on creating an environment in our schools where all students are welcome, feel safe, and are primed for academic success. Ensuring that our education system keeps them up-to-date with technology and emerging trends, while building a strong foundational knowledge across all subjects. I am also an advocate for incorporating financial literacy, life skills, physical fitness, and mental health strategies into our children's education.

I believe it is important to keep politics out of our classrooms. There are many groups - on all sides of the political spectrum - wishing to push their agendas onto our students. I believe that a balanced, common sense-based approach that keeps the academic outcomes and the physical/spiritual/emotional health of our children as its focus is the context Board members and educators should hold.

Despite any hurdles this past year, what will you do differently to help move WCDSB forward?

I look forward to listening to the concerns and feedback from all parents of students in the WCDSB in Cambridge and North Dumfries. I will do my best to focus on improving outcomes for all our students and making decisions that will set them up for future success.