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MEET THE CANDIDATES: Luxon Burgess, WRDSB trustee

Waterloo Region District School Board trustee candidate says getting students back on track after two years of COVID needs to be the board's priority
Waterloo Region District School Board trustee candidate Luxon Burgess.

Luxon Burgess

Age: 42

Why are you running for school board trustee?

I applied to run when there was only one nominee for Cambridge! I feel that Public Education is important, and we need strong voices representing our community to help our learners have the best possible outcomes, and to do that we need to have some choice at the polls!

What do you think the role of a school board trustee is, and what attributes do you have to offer?

A trustee's job is to be a representative for EVERYONE in their community on the school board! This means that a Trustee should be willing to listen to all of their constituents and find ways to help our community grow and learn together!

As you look at education in the years ahead, what do you think are the most important issues?

Looking ahead at the school year, I think the most important issue is still recovering from the past two years of COVID. Children are STRUGGLING. The past two years took a toll on many students, and there is work to be done to bring everyone back up to speed. 

There were many in the community who had witnessed difficult relations within WRDSB this past year. What will you do differently to help heal and move forward?

Listen. There has been a lot of back and forth between various groups, without listening to what each really wants. At the core, we all want the same thing, which is a good learning environment for everyone. We need to find common ground to do this and listen to each other respectfully to move forward and get the board back on track.