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Regional chair candidate says decision making shouldn't be left to politicians

Social worker Narine Dat Sookram is vying to unseat Region of Waterloo Chair Karen Redman
Narine Dat Sookram is vying for regional chair.

Narine Dat Sookram

Age: 46

Occupation: Social worker


How long have you lived in Cambridge/Waterloo region?

29 years

Why are you running in this election?

I want to do more than just casting me vote. I want to be the change I want to see.

What qualifies you for the position of regional chair?

My social work and academic background plus my almost twenty years of volunteer work in several different sectors.

Why should people vote for you?

Because I am the kind of leader that can bring all levels to the table, staff, elected representatives, and the people we serve and guide the process to solve issues.

What do you see as the main issues facing residents of the Region of Waterloo?

Politicians: I believe politicians are the problem and not the solution.

What do you see as the main issues facing residents of Cambridge/the Region of Waterloo on a broader scale?

The gap between politicians and the people.

What is the most important thing you want to see changed at the regional level to have a positive impact on Cambridge/the Region of Waterloo?

Closing the GAP in whatever the grievance of the community happens to be, based on what arises and what had in the past been neglected.

What services need to be improved at the region?

We need to have an open-door policy of listening more and talking less or even better still, go the extra mile to accomplish and tackle issues of concern and implement the necessary changes that are necessary. 

Is Cambridge/the Region of Waterloo growing too fast, just the right amount, or not fast enough? What can be done about the rising cost of housing?

Involve house seekers to be apart of the solutions, NOT only politicians.

What can be done locally about the homelessness issue?

Give opportunities to the homeless to maximize their potential. Encourage homeowners to open their hearts.

How do we make the Region of Waterloo/Cambridge an even better place to live?

Get everyone’s input…..LET the people decide on this NOT the politicians.

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