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What Ontario roads are the worst? Voting open for annual CAA campaign

A Timmins road has been the worst in the north for two years running
USED 2022-06-27 GM1 MH

CAA is once again looking for Canada’s worst roads and voting starts is now open..

CAA’s Worst Roads campaign has measured public sentiment on the state of highways and non-highways since 2003. In Ontario, the campaign allows consumers to vote daily at Voters also have the option to upload photos and explain why the road doesn't meet their standards.

Nominations for the worst road can be cast until April 19. 

"Our research shows that 65 per cent of members don't feel enough is being done to fix the roads," said Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president government and community relations, CAA SCO, in a news release.

"This is causing a variety of concerning driving behaviours, including swerving to avoid potholes, slowing down for bad spots, and some even changing their route altogether to avoid a bad road. We encourage all Ontarians to vote for their Worst Roads and join the community of drivers, cyclists, transit riders and pedestrians committed to improving and actively working to help make our roads safer for all."

Once voting is closed, CAA uses the data to compile a list of the Top 10 Worst Roads in Ontario, and the worst roads in regions across the province. 

CAA says its research shows that over 84 per cent of members are worried about the state of the roads and 42 per cent have had a vehicle damaged due to road conditions.

A pothole can cause $500 to over $2,000  in damage to a vehicle, with the average repair of people surveyed being $852, according to the new release.