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Here’s how you can help Cambridge Memorial Hospital get a new MRI

The lifesaving piece of equipment will enhance patient care locally
Cambridge Memorial Hospital's current MRI machine.

Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) is deeply engrained in our community, with roots tracing back to 1888 when Waterloo region's first community hospital, then known as Galt Hospital, first opened its doors.

In 1953, a brand new facility was built on the current Coronation Boulevard. location and it has since been expanded to better service the health needs of Cambridge, North Dumfries township and the Region of Waterloo.

The full service, acute care hospital now employs over 1,500 staff, 265 physicians and has over 300 volunteers.

While the provincial government covers administrative and overhead costs at the hospital, the community is relied on to fundraise for new equipment and upgrades.

Right now, the priority for the CMH Foundation is to raise funds to purchase a new MRI machine.

In 2012, CMH’s first MRI was purchased through community donations and it was the catalyst for the diagnostic imaging department, as local residents no longer had to travel outside of Cambridge for an MRI, explained Lori McComb, Senior Director Development at the hospital foundation.

Since the MRI’s arrival over 10 years ago, the diagnostic imaging department has grown and matured. 

However, the MRI is nearing the end of its life cycle and is due for replacement in 2024.

“Consider all the technological advances over the last decade. MRIs and imaging equipment have also seen the same level of improvements,” said Dr. Winnie Lee, Chief of Staff and Diagnostic Imaging at CMH. 

“Today’s MRIs are faster with enhanced imaging features that allow radiologists better diagnostic assessments for the patient and their healthcare team. With a new hospital, and a growing community, a state-of-the-art MRI with the latest technology at CMH is more important than ever,” Dr. Lee continued.

“This new MRI will raise the standard of healthcare in Cambridge,” explained Patrick Gaskin, the hospital’s president and CEO. “It will reduce wait times and allow patients to access swift, accurate diagnoses right here in our community, without having to travel elsewhere.”

Not only will the new MRI improve the quality and efficiency of care, but investing in new, high quality equipment also helps to attract highly trained and skilled doctors to the hospital.

The much needed piece of equipment comes with a hefty five million dollar price tag and that is where the community plays a critical role in supporting the hospital with fundraising.

So far, the community has rallied around the cause. CMH raised $380,000 at their gala earlier this month, which set a record for most money raised at a hospital event in CMH’s history, and the Trees of Caring program raised thousands of dollars through mail in donations.

“We’re very grateful to local residents, businesses and service clubs throughout Cambridge and North Dumfries who support us,” said Lisa Short, Executive Director of CMH Foundation.

“Our patients deserve the best, and our goal to raise five million dollars in two years for an MRI will best serve our community,” Short continued. “Every gift is important, no matter the size.”

There are many ways you can help. Whether it is a one-time gift, ongoing monthly giving or multi-year gifts over a period of time, the foundation welcomes all forms of giving.

The foundation is also encouraging residents to host their own third-party events. Not only do these events support and raise awareness for the hospital, but they can be a lot of fun, too!

You can learn more about hosting your own event to raise funds for the hospital here.

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