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Coping Bereavement Support Groups of Ontario was established in 1990 and is devoted to companioning bereaved people in their individual journeys of grief.

For the past 20 years we have been providing grief support for those who have lost a loved one. The headquarters of Coping is in Cambridge and there are 8 branches across Canada. Through a variety of programs, people and children learn to express and work through their loss in a safe environment, gaining tools to help them cope and eventually be able to reinvest in life again.

Many of the families that come to COPING are already suffering emotional and financial stresses. The relief is sometimes palpable when they are told that our programs are offered as a free service. Often, there are consequences when bereaved people are not supported adequately, e.g., relationship problems, unresolved anger, depression, etc. That is why so many medical professionals, clergy, teachers and other support workers are glad we are in the community. It has been said that if we mourn well, we can live well and love well again, but many people need support as they work through the difficulties of their grief.

This community service is provided at no cost to the participants. We offer support groups for children, teens and adults. The charity is financed through a variety of fundraising efforts, including our Corvette raffle! The proceeds will help us increase our capacity while maintaining the quality of help we offer to hurting people.

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