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LETTER: Council needs more like Ward 1 councillor

During a recent budget meeting, reader says Councillor Helen Shwery's efforts stood out
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Cambridge City Hall.

CambridgeToday received the following letter from Rande Keffer of the Property Taxpayers Alliance regarding the City's recent budget meeting on Feb. 13.

Councillor Schwery and City of Cambridge Budget

I watched and listened to the City of Cambridge Budget Meeting on Feb. 13.

In my opinion, Councillor Shwery was the only one among the elected officials that did question the budget and specifically areas that were unclear. She focused on areas where things could save the property taxpayer money. Councillor Shwery is concerned about the excessive spending that this and previous councils have approved and I applaud her for not ‘following along’ with the crowd.

We need more councillors like her. The City have to remember that they work for the member of Council and the elected members of Council work for us.

Councillor Shwery was the only council member who did not vote in favour of the budget that the residents of the City are stuck with. Congratulations Councillor Shwery and continue to lobby for the residents of your Ward.

Rande Keffer
Property Taxpayers Alliance
Cambridge, Ont.