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Advanced voting a hit in Cambridge, still time to vote online

'We had lots of lineups. People enjoyed the drive thru option, and we had some great responses of support from the community'

With only a few days to go, Cambridge residents still have time to vote online before the municipal election on Oct. 24.

Online voting began on Oct. 6 and will continue until election day.

“As of Monday, we had 6,000 people who voted online. We are now at over 7,000 which is great,” said Cambridge city clerk, Danielle Manton.

“The first time Cambridge offered online voting, there were 3,000 internet voters, and the second time, we climbed up to 8,000. I hope we get close to 13,000 this time.”

Cambridge saw a voter a turnout of 32.24 per cent in 2018, up from approximately 30 per cent in 2014.

Of the 85,731 residents that were able to vote, 8,677 residents voted online. This year, the city is closer to 96,000 eligible electors.

“In 2014, we had internet voting as well, and we had 5,000 who voted online. Across Ontario, that’s typically what you see, is an increase of about 3,000 every four years,” Manton said.

Manton said online voting is a great option, especially for those who have difficulties making out to the polls.

Advanced voting ended last weekend and Manton said there were approximately 1,200 residents who pulled up to the curb-side drive-thru polling stations.

Advanced voting polls were available at specific locations across the city.

Manton said voting at a drive-thru advance poll is unique and different, and the response from residents was positive.

“We heard lots of great feedback from people saying they enjoyed that option,” Manton said.

People were able to pull up in their vehicle, receive their ballot, mark it in their car, and then they are on their way.

“We had lots of lineups. People enjoyed the drive thru option, and we had some great responses of support from the community,” Manton said.

“We were out there on some very cold days. People showed up with donuts and muffins and gift baskets. It was amazing to see such kindness. It was very heart warming to see the community respond in that way.”

For those who have difficulty leaving their home, Manton said that the city will come to them.

“If there is a voter who can not leave their home, and does not have internet access, we ask that they call the clerk’s office and we’ll make arrangements for them to vote at home and help them through the process,” Manton said.

“We will continue at home voting this week. We went to the homes of six residents on Friday and that was amazing. We visited a resident who is turning 102 in December and lives alone. She does not have internet. We brought her a ballot and she voted.”

To arrange for at-home voting, residents can contact the city at  [email protected]. or call (519) 623-1340.

And Manton said that if people did not get their voter information in the mail, they don’t need it to vote.

“There’s no need to stress if you don’t have your voter card. Just bring your ID. If you do want a voter card because you want to vote online, then come to City Hall, and we will print one off for you,” Manton said.

“Otherwise, just come out to the polls on election day with proper identification that includes your photo and address.”

Manton said that there will be a running tally that residents can follow on the city's website on election night.

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To see who is running for office in the municipal election and see live updates on the results Monday, visit CambridgeToday's municipal election coverage here.

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