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Cambridge cat rescue looks for donations to help cat hit by car

A cat who was left for dead on a country road in Cambridge is getting a second chance at life through the Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue

A Cambridge cat rescue is looking to the community for help after a small cat was hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road. 

On Oct. 21, two women were driving down a country road when they spotted a cat lying on the shoulder; they very quickly realized something was wrong. 

“They turned around and discovered this cat to be in serious distress with what appeared to be a broken leg and a large laceration across his abdomen, which allowed for some of his internal organs to be exposed,” said Sue Parson, founder of Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue. 

They brought him to Fisher Mills Animal Hospital at 165 Fisher Mills Rd, Cambridge and agreed to take care of the vet costs. The cat quickly had his stomach stitched up and received x-rays confirming the leg was broken.

After the initial examination the costs for surgery on the leg and other vet related care came to $3,000. 

This forced the women to leave the cat behind at the hospital, feeling like they could no longer support this animal, said Parson. 

“We learned that the leg is broken in such a way that an orthopedic surgeon will need to repair the leg,” she added. 

The decision will be made in the coming days if repairing the leg or amputation is in the cat's best interests for a quick and healthy recovery. 

The cat rescue has started a Gofundme page to help cover the vet costs and help find the cat a new home. 

“He is resting at my home where I am keeping him as comfortable as I can, giving him lots of love and chin rubs. He's a very sweet boy who despite his pain, is a big purr machine,” said Parson.

Anyone looking to donate to the Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue is asked to do so through the Gofundme page or visit their website

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