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Cambridge Right to Life building vandalized Wednesday evening

Cambridge Right to Life group upset at latest vandalism, feels targeted because of latest Roe v. Wade decision.
Local anti-abortion group building gets message thrown over window the same night as a pro-choice rally was taking place in Kitchener.

The same night a rally for better abortion access in Canada took place in Kitchener, the Cambridge Right to Life group, which is against abortion, had their Water Street building vandalized. 

Thrown up over their front display was a largely written and visible message that read; "Abortion is a Human Right."

The graffiti was also covering up some of the local Right to Life group's messaging that consistently sits in their shop window.

Camilla Gunnarsan Right to Life Cambridge group's spokesperson said this isn't the first time this has happened but it is the first time they've gotten such a largely written and colourful message.

They had their staff working at the building on Water Street until 3 p.m. so they know it must have happened in the evening at some point, the same time as the rally where people were giving speeches about equal access to abortion care.

"It's not the first time we've had this sort of incident, we've had it in the past."

"It's a nuisance," said Gunnarson 

She mentioned that they think the criminal must have had an abortion and was in pain.

"I hope that individual finds support."

When asked by CambridgeToday if they think it might have something to do with the recent Roe v. Wade decision that effected women's rights in the US, Gunnarson agreed that it helped fuel this person's anger towards them. 

"It's all related because it's in the news and because of that they are feeling threatened."

Gunnarson said she could agree with this individual's point to some degree but disagreed on the way this person went about spreading their message.

"It's against the law."

"Everyone wants a tolerant society but you can't have this opinion, you can't have this opposing position and if you do were going to break the law and destroy the property," said Gunnarson about the overall message. 

"We can disagree but it doesn't give someone the right to break the law."

Attempts to reach Waterloo Regional Police Services for comment, and to confirm the vandalism had been reported, were unsuccessful.

Vandalism is still a crime in Ontario under the Criminal Code of Canada, a person may be charged with criminal mischief based on vandalism if he or she destroys property that belongs to another or otherwise alters the property in some way.

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