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City will ask region to divert trucks from Concession Street

Cambridge councillors will ask the Region of Waterloo to expand scope of its truck diversion study for the Galt core
A truck travels down Ainslie Street in the heart of Galt's core.

Cambridge councillor Adam Cooper wants the region to consider expanding the scope of a study to implement a heavy truck ban in downtown Galt by including Concession Street.

The region is expected to table a report on its truck diversion study this spring along with a plan to install noise walls along a major portion of McQueen Shaver Boulevard.

The region has already considered the fact that trucks diverted from Ainslie and Water streets through the city's core would travel up McQueen Shaver and Franklin boulevards, essentially passing the problem to other areas of the city, some of them residential.

Cooper's motion, which was seconded by Nicholas Ermeta during Tuesday's council meeting, points to another area of concern with east to west truck traffic, often in the form of gravel trucks coming from pits to the west of the city.

Cooper fears a bypass targeting trucks travelling north and south could also add truck traffic to Concession, increasing safety concerns along the mainly residential stretch.

Concession Street is "top to bottom, left to right residences" and many people who live on the street already consider heavy trucks using it as a through street as an existing problem.

"I believe we can do better with this," Cooper said.

Mayor Jan Liggett said she agreed with Cooper "100 per cent."

"We have a bypass for this. It's called McQueen Shaver," Cooper said, suggesting trucks travelling down Cedar Creek Road and across the bridge to Concession make a right turn to the south end of the city.

The diversion, he said, adds five minutes to their trip, or about eight kilometres according to Google Maps, and would add to the efficacy of the entire plan to divert trucks away from downtown by eliminating trucks from Concession Street.

The vote on Cooper's motion won unanimous support from the rest of council.