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Council approves 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

Plan provides a foundation to guide the growth of the city for the future while enhancing the services that it delivers today
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Cambridge City Hall.

Last evening, Cambridge City Council approved the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan – Cambridge Connected, setting a plan in motion to implement priorities that reflect Cambridge’s most pressing needs and biggest opportunities over the next three years.

“The 2024-2026 Strategic Plan was developed through conversations with members of our community, staff, and our partners to create a living document that embodies the ever-changing goals and objectives of our city”, said Cambridge Mayor Jan Liggett. “We know that Cambridgites want safe and walkable cities, with activities aplenty, a flourishing arts and culture scene, thriving business and industries, and sustained wellbeing and community safety. “

Cambridge Connected sets the Vision for the City’s future, providing the foundation for decision making, priority setting and ongoing performance management to deliver high-quality public services. The City’s Strategic Plan is made up of a Vision, Mission, Values and identifies goals, objectives and 13 strategic actions. Cambridge Connected 2024-2026 focuses on the three main goal areas of People, Place, and Prosperity:

  • People: The City is committed to fostering a community with heart, where everyone belongs and is cared for equitably. This includes a focus on Wellbeing, Belonging, Vibrant Neighborhoods and Inclusion.
  • Place: The City will embrace and celebrate our City’s unique character while enhancing the spaces where people connect. This includes a focus on Placemaking, Planning for Growth, and Green Spaces.
  • Prosperity: The City’s goal is to build a vibrant and resilient City where current and future generations will live well. This includes a focus on Strong Cores, Economic Inclusion & Support, Getting Around and Resiliency.

The Plan provides a foundation to guide the growth of the city for the future while enhancing the services that it delivers today.

The 2024-2026 Strategic Plan is a continuation of the priorities identified in the 2020-2023 Plan which was created following extensive community engagement in 2020 and approved by Council in 2021. In January 2023, the new term of Cambridge City Council and city staff worked together to understand where we have been and where we need to go as a city and look for ways we can measure and share our progress with the community.

We all have a role to play in realizing the vision expressed by our community. To ensure the city can realize its goals, Council, staff, community members, partners and residents will continue to be an important part of the implementation of the City’s Strategic Plan.

“This roadmap supports the future growth of Cambridge,” continued Mayor Liggett. “It embodies the desires of our citizens and creates a measurable plan to get us where we want to be: a place of prosperity, belonging, and well-being. Along with my fellow Councillors, I’m proud of the work we have done to set a path forward and create a place for people to prosper – alive with opportunity.”

Quick facts

  • City Vision: A Place for People to Prosper, Alive with Opportunity
  • Mission: Working Together. Committed to our Values. Serving our Community
  • Values: Integrity, Respect, Inclusiveness, Service
  • The City delivers over 140 programs and services to approximately 144,810 residents
  • By 2031, the population in Cambridge is expected to grow to over 176,000 people