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Cue the nostalgia; indoor roller skating could be coming to Cambridge

The potential location remains unknown but set ups in other cities have been in empty mall spaces
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Roller skating may be making a comeback in Cambridge.

It may be time to grease up the wheels of the ol' roller skates and head to the rink.

Summer Solstice Skating Co. has plans to bring their indoor roller skating experience to Cambridge.

While details are still being ironed out, co-founder Henry O’Brien says there was overwhelming support for the idea from the community through their online voting system.

“I think roller skating has seen a resurgence since COVID,” O’Brien said.

“We’re based in downtown Toronto but we've been eagerly looking to spread our wings outside the GTA to where there may be less things to do. When this location came on our radar it was almost too good to be true. It beat out any other contender.”

The university and college demographic, proximity to other cities and the lack of similar offerings made the community a great target, he says.

O’Brien and his team are hoping to delve into the details of the arrangement next week, with the hope of getting up and running in September 2023. They would then stay set up until April or May 2024.

But what facility would be capable of hosting such an activity during the winter months when regular ice rinks are flooded with local hockey players? 

O’Brien says he can’t confirm until pen is put to paper on an agreement, but the company has an affinity for using vacant mall spaces.

“Think of it like a Spirit Halloween, we'll pop up for six to nine months and can be out with 30 days notice,” O’Brien said.

“We have the activity, they have the space that needs filling and it draws in foot traffic.”

It was reported back in December 2022 that Guelph could also be a potential location for the company, but O’Brien says the tentative plan is to come to Cambridge instead with the goal of serving neighbouring communities in a larger venue.

It wouldn't be the first time Cambridge has brought back roller skating. The city ran the activity at Galt Arena Gardens to celebrate the arena's centennial this past summer. 

Older generations might recall lacing up the skates at The Forum on Langs Drive, which has since been transformed into a dollar store.

When the details are finalized for this newest location, O’Brien feels the community will be pleased with the opportunity to take part in the revived activity.

“We’re community focused and it’s a good price point,” he said.

“It’s a feel-good vibe and there’s nostalgia. We see an increase in overall happiness when customers come in and see facilities transformed.”

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