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E-Bolt Music returns to Main Street storefront with goal of promoting musicians

The local music business, owned by Cambridge musician Eric Bolton and his partner Brian Causarano-Bolton, is moving back into its storefront location at 59 Main Street
Eric Bolton (left) and Brian Causarano-Bolton have brought their business, E-Bolt Music, back to the main floor of 59 Main Street.

It hasn't taken long for the owners of E-Bolt Music to get comfortable on the ground level of 59 Main Street in Galt.

That's because it's been the local music business' home for years in one form or another.

Cambridge musician Eric Bolton initially ran lessons out of the storefront property but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it threw a wrinkle into his operations.

With restrictions hampering in-person business, he was ultimately forced to make the decision to move downstairs at the location to allow another tenant to move in.

When that tenant, The Great Canadian Sox Shop, decided to close earlier this year, Bolton had the opportunity to make the move back up the stairs.

And his partner, Brian Causarano-Bolton, has joined him.

"Our sign says 'we're back in the place we've always been,'" Bolton said with a laugh.

"We never actually left but everyone in the community thought we moved or COVID killed us. It's surreal and exciting."

In addition to occupying their old space, the pair is planning to bring in enhanced offerings for music lovers.

Causarano-Bolton has years of retail experience, including as a manager at Apple, and is spearheading a shop at the entrance of the storefront that will be promoting and selling merchandise from local musicians. 

"I've made a big switch, I'm coming to open up my own store here," Causarano-Bolton said of leaving the corporate world.

"It's going to be a consignment store for musicians and bands. We've already started working with a few bands and it's a great way for them to promote themselves as we'll be playing their music and showcasing local artists on a rotating basis."

Causarano-Bolton sees it as a perfect partnership with E-Bolt Music.

"This is a business that's always given back to the community and been involved with booking artists for events and bringing attention to other musicians in the area," Causarano-Bolton said.

"I think it's an extension of what E-Bolt has always done."

Along with his lessons, Eric Bolton will be helping guide musicians through the business side of the music industry. He'll be working with bands on licensing, royalty distribution and production.

Creating a wraparound location for all things music has been a result of the shifting landscape in the industry, and one that Bolton's excited about.

Having been around for a while, he understands being successful is about more than just playing music.

"One of the members of our team is a videographer working on how he can offer content creation," Bolton said

"It's shifting from being just music lessons to artist development. It's broadening what we offer. There's more and more asked of artists if they want to be heard and it's tough."

The location will also be home to their passion project, Grand River Pride. The organization aims to serve the queer community and is the driving force behind many of the city's Pride Month events.

As they get re-settled in their old spot, they've been amazed by the response of the community and are looking forward to what the future holds.

"I don't think we needed it to be this specific address but I think being in the downtown core is crucial because we've been so involved here," Bolton said.

"There's something nostalgic people are feeling because it's been a few years. People have messaged us saying it feels really good to see our sign in the window again."

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