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Five finalists unveiled for Cambridge 50th public art display

The selected artist will have their final installation scheduled in 2024.

The city's Arts and Culture Advisory Committee has announced the five finalist in the running to create a public art piece to commemorate Cambridge's 50th anniversary.

Two Smiths, Gordon Reeve, Ernest Daetwyler, Pierre Poussin and Ted Fullerton have been selected to put their artwork concepts on display for the public to see.

Models of the proposed original public art can be viewed and commented on at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts from Sept. 22-28, the Allan Reuter Centre from Sept. 29 to Oct. 4 and at the W.G. Johnson Centre Oct. 4-9.

A report will be provided to the mayor and council later this year when the final selection is made.

After final revisions are made the installation will be scheduled in 2024.

Two Smiths piece is designed to sit on a grassy berm along the Grand River or Speed River and pays tribute to the textile mills along its shore.

Reeve's sculpture aims to honour the many tribal communities from the area with a spire in downtown Galt or along the river's shore.

Hoping to erect his piece on the four pillars of the Main Street bridge, Daetwyler drew inspiration from the importance of the Grand River, its tributaries and the bridge itself.

Poussin's piece is designed as a tower and would be put up at the Fountain Street Soccer Complex as a "testament to the rich history and indomitable spirit of our region."

Fullerton's artwork would be placed at the point at which the Grand River and Speed River meet and celebrates the spirit, tradition, natural beauty and cultural heritage of the city.

For more information on each artist and their work visit