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Former teacher provides update on lawsuits against public board

It has been one year since Carolyn Burjoski was removed from a school board meeting
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Retired ESL teacher Carolyn Burjoski is suing the Waterloo Region District School Board over her removal from a January 2022 board meeting.

Former teacher Carolyn Burjoski provided an update on Tuesday on the two lawsuits she has filed against the Waterloo Region District School Board.

The update was posted to social media one year to the day that Burjoski was removed from a school board meeting.

Burjoski filed a defamation suit against the board in May of last year, and a Judicial Review in June. 

They came after Burjoski was removed from a school board meeting while making a presentation about books that she said were not age-appropriate for children. 

She was stopped from presenting amid concerns from the board that she was violating Ontario's Human Rights Code for using transphobic language. 

Burjoski said in the video that the defamation suit will begin examination for discovery in the spring while the Judicial Review is set to be heard in the first week of June. 

"My goal is to set legal precedents that will dissuade school boards from silencing diverse thinkers so that citizens can feel safe to confront local school boards as their consciences dictate," she said in the video. 

In a statement provided to CityNews 570, the WRDSB wrote "This is an ongoing legal matter so we are not able to comment."