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It's Art and Found Day in Cambridge

Art and Found Day is a way for local artists to get their work into the hands of residents
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Art and Found Day is happening in the city on Sunday, March 12.

Art enthusiasts in Cambridge are in for a special surprise on Sunday.

Art and Found Day was created seven years ago as a way to promote artists by giving away free pieces to residents in the community.

On March 12, local artists will package up one or more pieces of their work and dropping it off at locations in their community.

Each piece is carefully put together and labelled with the hashtag #ArtandFoundDay with a note about the art and the artist.

Inside each package there could be a painting, photograph, drawing, handmade item, music album or any other type of art form.

Leah Olsen-Kent is a local artist who's spearheading the event.

Born in Guelph and now residing in Cambridge, Olson-Kent studied at the art schools NSCAD University in Halifax and OCAD University in Toronto, according to her blog.

Clues on the drop off points will be released on her blog