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New flight plan connects Cambridge to Atlantic Canada

Flair Airlines to commence flights to St. John’s in May 2024, connecting Cambridge's large population of Newfoundlanders to their home province
2021-10-26 Airplane PEXELS

Flair Airlines have unveiled plans to expand its reach into Atlantic Canada with routes between the Region of Waterloo and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Our community has a long and close history with Atlantic Canada and we’re excited to show them everything Waterloo Region has to offer,” said Karen Redman, chair of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

“Additionally, many of our residents are eager to explore the East Coast or return home to visit friends and family. Our continued partnership with Flair is helping to bridge a gap in affordable travel.”

The announcement is welcome news to the Cambridge Newfoundland Club as Cambridge, Ont. has one of the largest populations of Newfoundlanders outside of their home province.

“A lot of our members fly home to visit family,” said Jamie Squires, president of the Cambridge Newfoundland Club. “Over the last decade more are bringing friends and family home with them to share the beauty of where they grew up. You will see a big turnout from our members this summer, I can guarantee it.”

This will be the first direct connection between the Region of Waterloo and the province’s capital of St. John’s.

"Flair is continually looking for ways to provide Canadians with affordable travel options, and we are excited to strengthen our connection between the Region of Waterloo and Atlantic Canada," said Stephen Jones, CEO of Flair Airlines. “We know the importance of accessible and affordable travel and its significance in fostering domestic travel and tourism within Canada. We are proud to offer even more choice for residents of Waterloo Region to explore this beautiful country or stay connected to their hometowns and loved ones."

This route to St. John’s will bring much-needed affordable fares to the province as well as provide opportunities for expanded tourism on the East Coast. Flights will launch twice a week May 6, 2024 and will increase to three times a week on May 27.

For more information or to book an affordable flight, please visit the website.