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New subdivision in the south end would add over 750 homes

The City of Cambridge has received an application for a new plan of subdivision east of Dundas Street South, at 65 Ripplewood Road
Sample images displaying the envisioned architectural character for the Powerplay North Subdivision.

The City of Cambridge has received a development application to rezone more than 96 acres of agricultural land east of Dundas Street South to accommodate a new subdivision featuring single family homes, street fronting townhomes and condominium blocks with more than 750 units.

The draft plan of subdivision application from Powerplay Equity Capital Inc., care of Treasure Hill Home Corp., will be discussed at a public meeting set for Dec. 12.

The applicant is proposing a zoning by-law amendment to rezone 65 Ripplewood Road to a combination of residential zones and open space.

The rezoning would also propose site specific provisions to provide relief from certain requirements regarding lot size and yard setbacks.

The rezoning would facilitate the development of a subdivision with 278 lots for single detached dwellings, five blocks of 82 street townhouse dwellings, and four blocks of "cluster development" with about 392 condominium townhouse dwellings featuring a mix of standard townhouses, dual frontage townhouses and rear-lane townhouses.

The proposal includes two park blocks, five open space blocks, and five blocks for stormwater management facilities.

A 1.13 hectare park that is located in the central portion of the subdivision adjacent to a stormwater management facility and open space block, and another 0.82 hectare park located in the northeast portion of the site in between two open space blocks.

The subdivision would create a new access to Ripplewood Road via a new street that will form a north-south link through the site. 

Two future connections to the west would be through a new street and Wesley Boulevard.

A new street along the southern portion of the site has potential to extend into the lands to the south, ultimately forming a connection to Ripplewood Road, reads the proposal.

A series of local streets in the subdivision would form a grid and a series of private condominium roads within the townhouse blocks would be orientated to allow the homes to be constructed in close relationship to the adjacent public road.

The plan includes potential modifications to existing roads abutting the subject lands through addition of sidewalks and pavement alterations and dedicating road widen blocks where required.


The land was previously used for agricultural purposes and contains wetlands in the east, west and north portions of the site.

The proposal would remove a "majority of the existing vegetation outside the designated wetlands and open space areas" to facilitate the proposed development in accordance with a tree preservation plan.

The application says site topography contains gentle to moderate slopes that present no constraints to the proposed development.

A Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting has been circulated to property owners within a 120 metre radius of the subject property.

The application includes a cover letter, a planning justification report and various studies, including an archeological assessment, environmental impact and traffic.

Anyone with questions about the application is invited to reach out to senior planner Jacqueline Hannemann at [email protected].