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Preston neighbours help corral stray goats

Two goats left their farm behind to go for a stroll in a Cambridge neighbourhood

Who let the goats out!?

Goats were briefly seen wandering around a Preston neighbourhood this week after escaping from their enclosure in a nearby field managed by a local farm. 

The Preston farm, which asked not to be named, had two goats sneak past their cattle dogs, cross Fountain Street South and end up in an adjacent neighbourhood on Linden Drive. 

Alicia Maleau and others who live close to the field tried to round up the goats in an attempt to return them to the farm. 

According to Maleau, she and five neighbours managed to herd the goat and put a leash on it before animal control arrived on the scene. The second goat is still on the loose and the group has been unable to track it down.

“The second goat, a black and white one, headed into the forest area in our backyards,” said Maleau on Thursday afternoon. “I called animal control a while ago and no one has shown up yet.”

When she saw the goats she was more concerned for its safety than anything, adding people drive at high speeds. 

Fortunately for the Preston Heights neighbourhood, seeing farm animals wandering around their front yards is not a normal occurrence and they reacted quickly to help wrangle the friendly visitors.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened," added Maleau. 

The farm has become a staple for the area, drawing praise and love for the animals that roam the large nearby field.

"I absolutely love it, our children love it. It's nice to have a little country life in the city," Maleau said.

Cambridge Animal Services can be reached at (519) 623-6323 if anyone spots the wayward goat.

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