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Waterloo musician wants to bring concerts to Cambridge backyards

Scotty James and his Nashville-based company, Backyard Music Co., is looking for residents to host events
Backyard Music Co. wants to bring its events to Cambridge.

Scotty James knows all about being an aspiring musician.

From playing in front of half empty bars to reaching the top 15 on the Billboard charts in 2015, he's travelled the long road required to turn his passion into a career.

Now the Waterloo native wants to help other up-and-coming artists through the company he founded with his girlfriend Andrea Watson, Backyard Music Co.

The business allows homeowners to book Nashville-style "Bluebird Cafe" concerts. Once scheduled, James and his team help secure the artists for whichever date the host chooses.

Artists could be from Nashville, Ontario or anywhere in between and many are on tour with the company.

"It started from an idea that sparked out of COVID," James said.

"We were putting on shows outside of our house in Nashville and would have hundreds of people show up every week. The company launched last summer and grew really quickly to expand across the United States and Canada."

James now has his sights set on his own backyard in Cambridge.

There's no cost to the homeowner to host an event, other than providing the space. 

If they choose, they can purchase single day event policy insurance. The concerts are considered private, so who comes and goes can be monitored and those wanting to attend have to purchase tickets.

Once an event is set up, the company creates a dedicated website and assists with managing ticket sales, customer service and logistical details. Branded signage, thank you postcards for the attendees and a host kit are then shipped to the locations doorstep.

Knowing the struggles artists can go through and understanding the need for community-based events, James is hoping to bring people together to further careers and provide entertainment.

"I did the whole struggling artist thing and was looking for opportunities to play my songs," he said.

"That’s a big reason behind what I’m doing, to give artists the opportunity I never had and have people listen and applaud. It's about getting communities together for a unique experience and to help artists."

For more information on Backyard Music Co. and how to host an event visit