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Weekly COVID-19 update shows one new death, drop in active outbreaks

ICU admissions fell to two, while the number of active outbreaks has dropped by four with three remaining in effect
COVID-19 testing 2
Tubes used to put COVID testing swabs in

***Editor's note: The health department points out that due to changes in testing availability, case counts on its dashboard are an underestimate of the true number of individuals with COVID-19 in Waterloo Region. Local data is being provided on Fridays***

The weekly COVID-19 update for Waterloo Region has been released - showing one new virus-related death alongside a slight bump in the number of hospitalizations.

As per the latest update, there have been 516 COVID-related deaths in the region since the onset of the pandemic.

The update showed that COVID-related hospitalizations have increased by two to a total of 25. ICU admissions have dropped to two.

Active outbreaks have have dropped by four overall with three remaining in effect. You can find the complete list of outbreaks on the region's dashboard.

There were 127 new cases reported in the past week, the active caseload fell to 139, and 141 more cases were deemed resolved. 

Keep in mind, case counts are underestimates because of testing restrictions.