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Waterloo Regional Police to mark Fraud Prevention Month

WRPS will be launching a campaign to educate the public on current scams affecting the community
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The Waterloo Regional Police Service has launched its Fraud Prevention Month campaign to educate the public on current scams affecting the community.

Throughout the month WRPS will describe how individuals are falling victim and will provide safety tips to prevent becoming a victim of fraud. Some of the scams that will be highlighted on WRPS social media platforms include:

  • Bitcoin scam
  • Renovation scam
  • Gift Card scam
  • Employment scam
  • Scams that target the elderly population

Fraud Prevention Month is an annual awareness campaign that provides Canadians the opportunity to stay informed on the dangers of fraud and to educate themselves on steps to take to help prevent them from falling victim. It is important that Canadians consider sharing this information with friends, neighbours and family members who may not have access to this information.

For additional resources and information pertaining to scams and frauds; also available in various languages, visit the Canadian Governments Protect Yourself Against Fraud page, the Competition Bureau website, or the Anti-Fraud Centre website