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Dental practice now offering help for dental phobic patients

Westmount Dental Group now has anesthetist in the practice

“There are so many people who have a phobia of dental work. This is real, palpable mental anguish. They don’t make appointments, or they make them and then cancel, or they don’t make it in the door. Then their dental problems just get so much worse. We can help those people,” vowed Dr. Nafiz Hasan, of Westmount Dental Group in Guelph.

Westmount Dental Group now has a specialist in anesthesia, Dr. Nafiz Hasan, to add to its roster of other dental specialists. Dr. Hasan graduated from dentistry and the had years of extensive training in sedating children and patients with high dental anxiety for dental procedures. This means no more anxiety, and a chance for these patients’ dental needs to be taken care of.

Previously, patients who needed this level of care would have had to be referred to specialists out of town, but thanks to Westmount Dental Group, this is no longer the case. “Now, we can give these anxious patients access to dentistry with anesthesia, right here in Guelph,” said Dr. Hasan. “As well, we have specialists in in root canals, gum surgery, oral surgery and prosthodontists. This innovative approach ensures that patients can receive specialized treatments without the added anguish of navigating multiple appointments and providers,” he added.

Westmount Dental Group is determined to be an advocate for patients with high anxiety, and complex dental issues. Dr. Nafiz Hasan underscores, "We acknowledge that dental anxiety isn't just fear—it's genuine suffering that we're determined to alleviate. By conducting treatments while patients are asleep, we're not only addressing the pain points but also offering a pathway to care that's truly nurturing. We truly care about our patients’ emotional needs as well as their dental needs.”

Westmount Dental Group works in conjunction with patients’ general dentists, to make sure patients receive the care they require, and everyone is kept in the loop. Specialists will examine patients, make a treatment plan, and work together to make sure all of the patients’ needs are being met.

“I’m happy to be working with Westmount Dental Group,” said Dr. Hasan. “I trained in this field to be able to help people, and here, I can do just that, in this community, effectively and with compassion.”

For additional information, or to arrange a consultation with Dr. Hasan, go online here, call 519 763 9999, or email [email protected].