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Impress your holiday guests with the ultimate stress-free dinner party

Chef D catering offers private dining experiences in your very own home

Most people love the idea of hosting family and friends for a hearty holiday get-together. Welcoming people into your home, serving them a delicious meal, and enjoying the wonderful company.

What people don’t love is all the work, stress and cleanup that goes into hosting folks for a meal. Luckily, one local celebrity chef’s catering company takes the stress out of preparing your next get-together.

Darryl Fletcher, otherwise known as Chef D, offers private dining experiences for any special occasion. He and his team will prepare something as simple as a three-course meal to a seven-course tasting menu for you to host in your very own home.

Some of his customers have used this service for an intimate two-person private dining experience, while others are booking Chef D to cook meals for up to 24 people in their home. Regardless of the size of the dinner party, it’s all about making that dining experience unforgettable.

“When most people they think of having a house party or having people over for dinner, they get stressed about it,” Fletcher said. “We take all the stress out of it. You could have a nap until 4:00 pm and we arrive at 5:00 pm, set your table, and away you go.”

The great thing about utilizing Chef D’s catering services for something like a holiday meal is you can sit back and spend time with your guests while the meal is prepared for you in your kitchen.

Especially with visitors coming in from out of town, it makes sense to subcontract the cooking so you can spend that precious time with family and friends.

Whether it’s for the holidays, an anniversary, birthday, or any other special event, Chef D can tailor the menu to you. If you’re a fan of southern BBQ, he and his chefs can build a menu just for that. If you’re looking for a classic Christmas turkey dinner, he can create a meal your guests will rave about.

Even if you have a specific request for an appetizer, main or a dessert, Chef D can source premium menu items like sea bass, wagyu beef, or organic salmon. Depending on the number of guests you have, the cleanup is a big undertaking, but Chef D has that covered, too.

“They can have a drink, and they don’t have to worry about cleaning up,” Fletcher said. “They don’t have to worry about the apps going out at a certain time. They can sit back and enjoy themselves versus being stressed about it.”

Chef D’s catering side of his business was established in 2011, and he does everything from wedding and event catering, to business lunches, to meal preparation and delivery for factories. Although he’s the face of the business, Fletcher notes he has an extensive team that makes this all possible.

“Everybody sees Chef D out and about, and doing a million things, but I also want people to know I have a strong team behind me,” Fletcher said. “We have Chef Darnell Greg, who got his chops at Langdon Hall and had his own place for a while. We have Chef Claire who worked at Oliver & Bonacini.

“We have all these people behind me that can do an amazing job for you, whether it’s small catering or big catering events.”

If you’re looking to impress your holiday guests (and save some time and stress), why not book a private dining experience at your home with Chef D? To find out more, check out