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Talking to your aging parents about in-home care

A difficult discussion can be made much easier

Does the idea of approaching your aging parents about bringing a caregiver into their home fill you with dread?

Are you anticipating opposition and accusations?

Understandably, facing the thought of losing their independence is frightening for older adults.

But if you’re seeing signs that your loved one is struggling with daily tasks such as cleaning a counter, preparing a meal, or even getting themselves dressed, now may the time to have that difficult discussion.

You may want to initiate an open conversation as early as possible, before the physical or cognitive changes become more pronounced. Begin by asking your loved one what they want and need.

Advantages of a paid caregiver

One of the most desirable benefits for elderly or disabled loved ones is staying in their own home and living under their own rules, rather than moving to an assisted living facility. Receiving one-on-one attention from an in-home caregiver is also more efficient and less costly.

In-home care offers independence

This is particularly true if your loved one is prone to falling or being forgetful about their medications. A caregiver can ensure that your family member is safe in their own home.

Participating in the activities they love

Do your loved ones enjoy spending time in the garden or walking the dog? With the assistance of a caregiver, they can still do they things that they love doing.

Make it about you

If you’re the primary caregiver, you can explain that on top of work and the children, the caregiver responsibility has become too stressful. Most parents do not want to be a burden on their children.

Focus on the improved quality of life an in-home caregiver can offer

By performing daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning, a caregiver can make life so much easier. A caregiver will give you and your loved one peace of mind, knowing they will have help with household responsibilities.

Getting advice from a professional

Your parent likely trusts their physician. Medical professionals can help by pointing out how in-home care can improve their lives.

Trying in-home care on a trial basis

By hiring a caregiver on a short-term basis after a fall or being discharged from the hospital, your parent can see that a caregiver is not someone to fear, but rather someone who will be a friend.

Comfort Keepers in Cambridge and Brantford are in-home care professionals.

They understand the hesitation, doubts and fears seniors may have about losing their independence. Comfort Keepers will ensure your loved one is safer and happier at home.

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