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The story of Robert Mackay and Coutts Funeral Home

Mackay encourages people to find meaningful ways to honour and remember their loved ones

Robert “Bob” Mackay's story is deeply intertwined with that of Coutts Funeral Home in Cambridge. For over five decades, he has been a steadfast presence, offering comfort and guidance to families navigating the complexities of loss. Bob Mackays journey with Coutts began in February 1968 – and his dedication to the profession has remained unwavering since.

During his time at Coutts, Mackay's commitment and expertise propelled him to the position of manager. “The funeral profession is in my blood,” he reflects on those years with fondness, recounting the 23 years he and his family resided in the apartment above the funeral home.

“I still go in periodically when they're busy or a family still asks for me, which is an honour. When someone still remembers me and wants my services, it gives me a very strong feeling of satisfaction.”


Throughout his career, Mackay has observed a profound transformation in the funeral industry. He notes the significant rise in cremations and the corresponding decline in traditional funeral services. While acknowledging the potential influence of societal changes, financial considerations, and generational shifts, he remains a staunch advocate for the importance of closure and support for grieving families.

"People need closure," Mackay emphasizes. "You need that service of some type or to put the cremains someplace that you can go and have closure." He expresses with concern over the growing trend of families opting out of services altogether and encourages people to find meaningful ways to honour and remember their loved ones.

Even as he enters his 80s, Mackay's passion for his profession has remained undimmed. He continues to contribute his expertise to Coutts, stepping in to assist during busy periods or when families specifically request his services. These requests are a testament to the trust and respect Mackay has earned over the years, a source of immense pride and satisfaction for him.

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