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A cancer patient posted his final plans online. You won't believe the response.

Recently, a Reddit user with terminal cancer posted about his plans leading up to his final days. The response from the online community has been overwhelming.

What would you do if you only had a few months to live?

Recently, a Reddit user with terminal brain cancer shared his plans leading up to his final days in the Personal Finance Canada community. The response online has been overwhelming.

At 40 years old and with no family, the author of the post intends on leaving his estate to SickKids Hospital and local charities. With his time, he plans on travelling across Canada.

"I plan to travel across Canada for a month," the post read. "In February I move into hospice. While I wait for the end, I would like to make a sizeable donation to the SickKids hospital in Toronto as well as a couple of local charities that work with human trafficking victims and refugees."

The response from the Reddit community has been, inspiring, emotional and might just restore your faith in humanity if you've lost it. 

Read the full post below and click the link to the comment thread.